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Samuel Essah-Hienwo

Founder and President

Students see College as a path to knowledge and a better life and see it as a way out of their society. Many students believe that what they study is not authentic for life outside the school hall. Undergraduate studies do not accept that what they realize can be used outside the classroom, yet it can inhibit undergraduate research enhancement.

An organization must then carry this knowledge and mentoring to students to link the classroom to their world of community. I Impact Group looks at this from many perspectives, engaging students in service work, promoting community initiatives, and or exchanging theoretical and practical information with focused community groups.

We believe that if students recognize that their education is worthwhile, they are more likely to engage with academics than testing and graduation. Partnership with students who want to change their society and lead the learning process in their community is one of our aims.

It cannot be easy to inspire students to have positive results in their culture. But introducing community-based initiatives and scholarships to students will help them take action to improve the community and solve the problems in general. It is an enriching opportunity to create a lasting impression on a student's life. It is invaluable to influence students to motivate them to learn and apply their new knowledge to meaningful improvements in their culture.


        Creating communities of change through education


Developing an agent for change through Educational support, innovation and collaboration ready to transform society.

Wendy Essah-Hienwo

Executive Director Operations  



Chris Toffey

Executive Director Finance  


Christian Kwabena Ansah

Executive Director Legal Affairs 

Jemima  Watts Amissah 

Community Project Coordinator  

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